Fic: Wolf Whistle (Arc I)

Author: Pairing/Characters: Derek/Stiles (Slow build), The Pack, Sheriff Stilinski, Dr. Deaton, Chris Argent, Danny Mahealani.
Words: 61,465
Summary: It’s one thing to attract the attention of the alpha pack moving in on Beacon Hills, but when Stiles’ magic reveals he’s not just the resident magic user in town, he realizes there might be more to the Little Red nickname he’s adopted as his own.

Title: Into the Spin
Summary: It’s all about belief in the end.

“You’re pack,” Derek mutters and Stiles is so beyond a normal panic attack that his giggle sounds deranged. (x)

Title: Catch Me if You Can
Words: 5,388
Summary: There’s a general rule that Stiles sucks at hide and seek when it comes to playing with the pack. He’s decided to even the odds.

He’s a step away when something rustles the leaves ahead of him, and Derek comes flying out from behind the warded tree. They go down in a tumble, Stiles howling with laughter and Derek huffing out leaves from his hair. “Got you.” (x)

Title: Trigger Finger
Words: 9,353
Summary: Stiles hates inevitability. It’s why he still struggles with the concepts of belief. Inevitability, his belief will fail him.

He has to think fast. His eyes scan the yard, cataloguing escape routes and possibilities, but there’s nothing he can use. His only defense is the house, wards and lines marking up the wood like a barricade. But he’s too far away to run back. They’d be on him in seconds. (x)

Title: Interlude
Words: 2,792
Summary: There is much Peter will do for family. Pity that Derek will never truly understand those lengths.

“I didn’t go rogue,” Peter says, exasperated. “I simply handled a loss poorly and it had repercussions.” (x)

Title: Howl
Words: 35,818
Summary: Stiles learns there are portions of his magic he has no idea how to control, Derek gets into more trouble than he bargained for, and everyone really wants the alpha pack to just back off.

The thunder grows and his mouth tastes like lightning, bubbling around his tongue and bleeding sparks. He can see it, the thick coil of black blood down Derek’s arm, the slack jaw, the unconscious eyes. He can see it and it makes him ache inside, something snapping against his control like a wild animal.  (x)

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